Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Liberty Plan

The Liberty Plan

The Liberty Plan can help the Republican Party to win our government back.

The federal government is not authorized to be all things to all people. 

Limited Taxes is the only way to get Limited Government.

The only way to control government spending to limit the amount of tax money that can be taken from its citizens.

The Liberty Plan is the answer to get limited government.

Step One:  The Liberty Plan must be a Constitutional Amendment so the rates can NOT be increased period.

Step Two:  Eliminate the Personal Income Tax TOTALLY.

Stop feeding the beast--TAXES - is it about raising money or controlling people.

The Liberty Plan will replace thousands of pages of income tax rules and regulations and eliminate the fear of April 15th to be replaced by a few pages.

FICA tax is over 15% of the employees’ paycheck.  Federal Courts have ruled the FICA is a tax not a retirement fund.  The Federal Government needs to be honest and declare that FICA tax goes to the general fund to pay for government spending programs.   Re-name FICA tax to the Liberty Plan.

The Liberty Plan:
1.    Eliminate Personal federal income tax totally.
2.    The Federal Tax Payroll Deduction Program shall be (20%) Twenty Percent “Maximum” of which (10%) Ten Percent to be withheld from the wage-earners’ pay to be matched by (10%) Ten Percent from the Employer.
3.    Restrict how the money shall be allocated, such as:
a)    2% National Defense;
b)    8% to Social Security (Medicare, Seniors, etc.)
c)    and 10% for the other spending programs.
A total of 20% of the wage-earners’ salary will go to the Federal government.

Benefits to the federal government:
1.    Treat everyone equally.
2.    The more you make the more you pay – that is fairness.
3.    Easy to collect this tax -payroll deduction is the most efficient way to collect taxes – same system already in place in all 50 states.
4.    Able to plan for the future with steady income.
5.    No more fees or taxes on individuals from the federal government.
6.    First dollar of everyone wages is being taxes and collected every (2) two weeks instead of once a year with all the deductions

Step Three:   Federal Tax on Corporations must be capped at twenty percent.

The Liberty Plan must be a Constitution Amendment so future Congress will not change or raise the tax rate.

This type of system would result in no forms, no worry and a much smaller I.R.S.  No tax forms to file each year.  No tax credits to be given or taken away by the Federal government.  No increase or decrease in the tax rate.

This would get the Federal Government out of micro-managing the daily life of the taxpayers.  It is called FREEDOM!

An advantage given by the government to one person means an unfair dis-advantage to all other Americans. Our Founding Fathers believed that small government and less taxes means more freedom. 


Bob Moore

Bob Moore
Norman, Oklahoma

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